Das Leben am Haverkamp , Netherlands

In the dark streets of The Hague, the window of the Das Leben am Haverkamp studio will transform into an open air cinema! Every two weeks a new experimental triptych will be shown, presenting a new generation of image makers. Ranging from experimental film, to animation, to virtual fashion, the presented works explore the body and the act of dressing up as vehicles for change. Through speculative beings, they investigate the politics of the costumed body.

Felizitas & Theresa Hoffmann

01.12.2023 - 14.12.2023

In 2018, Theresa Hoffmann submitted several „Subject Access Requests" (SARs) to various organisations, companies and institutions in London to find out what kind of personal data is hold about her, how they use it and with whom they share it. Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation every citizen is entitled to ask to see any personal information, that is hold about oneself. In most cases, the contacted companies did not manage to provide the requested data. The film „Love at first byte" consists of parts of her received personal data from Transport of London (TFL) and puts this data in a creative narrative.

Based on the UK General Data Protection Regulation Felizitas & Theresa Hoffmann were allowed to obtain the surveillance camera footage of the London Underground (Transport for London) of the passenger 061651774505 and turn it into an AI love story.

Part of Hoogtij Den Haag.

︎︎︎performance & video art
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