Mishandled Archive:
Outdoor Performance 

by Tara Fatehi

In these times of social distancing and dis-location, Tara Fatehi reconnects with her local area, Peckham, to tell stories of places near and far, and people gone and present. Following the publication of her book Mishandled Archive (LADA, 2020), Tara’s new outdoor performance returns to the original inspiration of her project, bringing it back to the public space. 

Every day in 2017, Tara dispersed a collection of family photographs and documents in public spaces in different locations around the world. This outdoor performance brings together visuals, stories and dances from that year and is a new collaboration with jazz musician Sam Warner and other local performers.

2021    14 August (4 & 6pm)
2021    15 August (3 & 5pm)   
Secret Location in Peckham

Live music by: Sam Warner
Guest performers: Theresa Hoffman, Amal Khalidi and Maja Laskowska

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